Bubbling to the Surface

The Next Generation of Sparkling Sodas Has a Nantucket Twist.

Spiked Seltzer

Amidst all of the adult beverages being sipped this summer, one in particular has created quite a buzz around the island. Spiked Seltzer made landfall during Figawi and has since become the official beverage of the Nantucket Triathlon and the Nantucket Music Festival. A cross between beer, wine and mixed drinks, Spiked Seltzer blends cold-pressed citrus essences with purified, carbonated water to create a six percent alcohol beverage that can be served on the rocks, used as a mixer, or taken straight from the bottle. Topping it off, Spiked Seltzer is gluten free, low in carbs and one hundred percent natural.


The latest bubbly beverage blasting off on Nantucket goes by the name Fizzle Blitz and comes courtesy of longtime Nantucket resident Robert Walder and his partner Roman Sorocan. After years mixing yerba mate tea with honey and lemon, Walder began introducing natural flavors and carbonation to this traditional South American tea. The result was Fizzle Blitz, a natural energy drink boasting flavors such as passion fruit, blueberry pomegranate and raspberry lime. Hoping their new beverage will take off on Nantucket, Walder and Sorocan are donating a percentage of Fizzle Blitz sales to Maria Mitchell and Sustainable Nantucket.


Chock full of more antioxidants than any other natural substance on the planet, matcha green tea has been sipped for centuries, tracing its roots to Japan where Samurai warriors once drank it in preparation for battle. Now this ancient elixir has been turned into a carbonated beverage courtesy of longtime Nantucket denizen Tom Olcott and his partner Henry Crosby. Searching for a healthy alternative to coffee, Olcott and Crosby began concocting alternative interpretations of the tra- ditional matcha tea—and Motto was born. Three years later, Motto was named the “Best Carbonated Beverage of the Year” at BevNet’s New Beverage Showdown and is sold at locations throughout the island. Packing all the punch of a cup of coffee with the health benefits of twelve cups of green tea, Motto will give you a jolt without the jitters. Best of all, Olcott and Crosby have pledged ten-percent of all Motto sales on Nantucket to Swim Across America, which is held this August and benefits Nantucketers fighting cancer. It is safe to say we can all drink
to that.

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