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The Theatre Workshop of Nantucket kicked off their official 2016 season last night with the opening of The Odd Couple, and boy was it a crowd-pleaser. We sat down with the talented cast and asked a couple of questions to get you excited for this side-splitting show!

SarahFraundfelderSarah Fraunfelder plays Olive Madison, notorious slob, TV producer, sports fanatic and recently divorced New Yorker.

Favorite line from the show: It’s hard choosing just one line because so much of the comedy comes out of the rapid back-and-forth between the entire ensemble of characters that Mr. Simon is so famous for. That being said, I love Olive’s line to Florence, “Listen, you’d better go. You’re starting to talk like a fortune cookie.” Olive loves big and fierce underneath a salty, tough gal exterior. Insults are kind of her love language. There’s always a joke mixed in with the real feelings and that is where her warmth comes from.

Why you should see The Odd Couple: The obvious reason to see the show is because it’s just plain funny! But you will leave the theater actually liking these woman and caring about what happens to them. I think it’s very relatable. And also, the 80’s were just awesome… the play is technically a period piece!

Aleisha Force CommercialAleisha Force plays Florence Unger, best described as the loyal-to-a-fault, tightly wound consummate hostess, wife and mother… who will drive you crazy with her hosting, wife-ing and mothering.

Favorite line from the show: My favorite line from the show is Vera’s late in Act II when she answers the door expecting it to be Florence. It is, in fact, one of the terribly attractive Spanish Costazuela brothers that lives two floors above Olive.
“Vera: Oh hello… It’s not her, Olive.
Manolo: Buenas Tardes
Vera: Olive, it’s Mr. Tardes.”
As simple as that joke is, it is the heart of what I find funny: simple, smart humor that comes when one character doesn’t know something others characters do. In this case, it is Spanish, but the concept is universal. Each time we rehears this, I am offstage, waiting to make an entrance and covering my mouth so my guffawing can’t be heard!

Why you should see The Odd Couple: The best reason to see this show is that anytime a group of smart, funny and talented people get together and make each other laugh for 6 days a week (when they already know what’s coming), you can guarantee that an audience seeing it for the first time will laugh! Theatre Workshop of Nantucket has been providing this kind of quality entertainment for 60 years. There’s your reason!

Casey BoukusCasey Boukus plays Mickey, the tough but compassionate policewoman. She was close with Florence growing up, married her high school sweetheart, and loves the two lead women as sisters.

Favorite line from the show: If I really had to pick one line, it’s probably Florence’s in Act I when she says, “I’m married to a five foot-three inch man with an oversized toupee and boots up to his knees who walks around saying “Da” and he walks out on ME?!” Aleisha’s delivery of this line is superb and it conjures such a ridiculously humorous image.

AdamSodofskyAdam Sodofsky plays Manolo Costazuela. He and his brother Jesus live in the same apartment building as Olive. They have recently moved to New York from Spain and are still getting used to American culture.

Why you should see The Odd Couple: There are a number of reasons! 1. It’s the first show of TWN’s 60th year (so it’s kind of a big deal…) 2. Our talented team put a lot of time and effort into the production. 3. It’s hilarious.

Chris CostaChris Costa plays Jesus Costazuela, the younger brother to Manolo Costazuela. He is very thoughtful, wants to make a good impression, and is working hard to connect with Olive and Florence. Manolo and Jesus are very different, but they’ve got each other’s backs on the sometimes awkward but completely hilarious date night.

Favorite line from the show: I would say Vera’s line in the first scene when she opens the door and we see Florence for the first time. “Oh, hello, Florence. We practically forgot all about you.” Vera has so many lines I love! She is often oblivious to everything around her and has the best one-liners. In this instance, we have just seen all the girls frantically freaking out about Florence, and Vera’s nonchalant attitude perfectly captures why I love this show. The characters and jokes are so well-written by Mr. Simon, and the talented cast are doing such a great job of bringing each of these characters to live.

MarySeidelMary Seidel plays Vera, who is the youngest of the group and always one (or two) steps behind. She is wildly positive and well-mannered and spends the duration of the play cheerfully trying to keep up with her friends!

Why you should see The Odd Couple: Reason number one (of many!) to race to The Odd Couple is that this particular show, the female version, is a wonderful opportunity to see a group of hysterical women together on stage celebrating the idea that friendship can be a juicy love story as well.

Ellie CornellEllie Gottwald plays Sylvie, the sardonic friend of Florence and Olive who’s part of the weekly “Girls Game Night.”

Favorite line from the show: When Florence says to Olive, “Liking you is better than needing you.” It’s at the end of the play when all the characters have experienced life shifts in some regard, especially Florence and Olive’s friendship. It really speaks to the brilliant writing of Neil Simon, who not only writes great comedy but paints characters with unexpected complexities. I take my hat off to Justin, our fearless director, for jumping into the sand box and shaping what will be a great time at the theatre.

Felicity Seidel HeadshotFelicity Seidel plays Renee, a sassy, no-nonsense New Yorker who’s not afraid to tell it like it is. She’s a regular at the weekly ladies-only Trivial Pursuit game night, likes dating men, believes in equality for women and that there’s nothing like a good scotch and gal pals to help when things get rocky.

Why you should see The Odd Couple: On one hand, The Odd Couple is a fun, old-timey, feel-good comedy — a real break from the complicated lives that most of us live these days. But it’s also a big play — a complex, nuanced, dynamic and sophisticated show that requires great concentration, skill and attention to detail to mount properly. Thanks to our wonderful director, cast and crew, I believe there will be plenty to take away from the show and at the very least, a fun, odd couple of hours sure to leave you feeling good.

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