Written By: Jermaine Scarlett | Photography By: Brian Sager

Chef Jermaine Scarlett shares his secrets to fruit carving.

Fruit carvings are a signature delicacy of Chef Jermaine Scarlett’s catering company, Nantucket Island Creations. Whether carving extravagant fruit baskets for continental breakfast buffets, hand-carved dip bowls for barbecues and cocktail parties, or superheroes for kid’s parties, Chef Scarlett brings new beauty and excitement to fruit salad. Just in time for your fall feast, Chef Scarlett gave N Magazine a crash course in carving.

1. Choose your design. If you are new to carving, you might want to pick a printable image from the internet, similar to what you would do for a jack-o’-lantern.

2. Based on your design size, pick a melon that will fit your image. Have skewers for other fruit if you are making a basket.

3. Using a large knife, cut the melon so it can lie flat on a surface.

4. If you are using a printed image, trace it onto the melon. If you are creating your own, add landmarks for spacing or draw the image on the melon.

5. If you are making a basket, cut the shape of the basket out before you start to carve the images.

6. Using carving knives or X-Acto knives, begin to remove the rind at various depths to create a 3-D image. Use the different colors at the various depths to create variety in your creation.

7. Skewer your other fruits and insert them securely into the center of the basket.


Chef Jermaine Scarlett arrived on Nantucket in 2010 to run the kitchen at Arno’s Restaurant on Main Street. Today, he owns and operates Nantucket Island Creations with his wife, Marita. Whether for a breakfast buffet, barbecue, cocktail party, sit-down dinner or simply to stock your refrigerator with premade picnic supplies, Nantucket Island Creations is a top-notch catering option on Nantucket. Book your event at

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