Written By: Cate Brinch

While most people on island this month are enjoying a break from the real world and taking advantage of vacation days, many are still dedicated to staying fit and eating well. When looking for the best local spots for breaking a sweat or snacking on a healthy treat, you won’t be disappointed by these suggestions from Cate Brinch of Boston’s Recycle Studio.

Millie’s Restaurant

I love being able to bring a salad to the beach and have found the best and quickest way to do so is through Millie’s takeout window on my drive to the beach in Madaket. It’s a great departure from the standard sandwiches and chips! They pack it up in a beach-friendly container, and most importantly, they are hearty so you won’t go hungry.

Corner Table

Along the same lines, the chia pudding from Corner Table is such a decadent yet healthy treat. They sometimes make it in chocolate, but nothing beats their classic vanilla with fresh fruit. Plus, it comes in an adorable and re-usable mason jar!


Heading to the Handlebar for a nitro iced coffee is one of my favorite ways to start the day. I promise, you won’t even need to add milk or sugar to your coffee when you order one of these. It actually pours like a Guinness with a nice thick foam and is smooth as velvet.

Straight Wharf Fish Store

One of the best kept secrets on island is the Straight Wharf Fish Store. Their fish sandwiches are made up of the freshest fish grilled up and served with a simple squeeze of lemon… out of this world! Bonus: If you are taking the Hy-Line home, the store is perfectly located to grab your take-out from for the boat ride home.

Ram’s Pasture

Running Ram’s Pasture is one of my absolute favorite ways to enjoy the serenity that is so unique to Nantucket. It is the best workout for mind and body on island. If I want to get a great trail run in, I’ll head all the way to the beach and back (about 5 miles). The barn loop of Ram’s Pasture as about 3 miles and perfect if I’m in the mood for a walk, you feel like you are enjoying Nantucket in its’ purest state.

Go Figure

I’ve been taking Michelle’s class at Go Figure for years. She has a wonderful ability to politely force you out of your comfort zone. I love the energy she brings to all of her classes and find her teaching style really unique — and all of her classes are well organized with good music! I don’t practice barre in Boston, so this is a fun change of pace for me and my muscles when I am on Nantucket.

The Class by Taryn Toomey

I am really looking forward to a consistent The Class by Taryn Toomey pop-up at Supta Yoga on Saturday mornings. I am generally more focused on cardio and taking Lagree fitness classes off-island, but I am excited to take this amazing class (which they describe as being like “warm honey”). It is important for me to spend time giving my fast-paced off-island lifestyle a break when I am on Nantucket, so this will be perfect for my body and mind.





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