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A quick chat with local yogi Meagan Rohrer.


N MAGAZINE: Describe what yoga means to you in five words.
ROHRER: Exploration of my inner self.

N MAGAZINE: How would you describe the island yoga scene?
ROHRER: Authentic.

N MAGAZINE: What is the meaning behind your studio’s name “Supta”?
ROHRER: Supta is the sanskrit word for “to recline.” To me, it is a beautiful word both in the way it sounds and appears. I believe a lot of people come to Nantucket to step away from the stresses of their day to day, and be connected to what is in important in this life. In this way to me, the word Supta is aligned to island as well.

N MAGAZINE: Describe Supta’s “heated” yoga classes and how they’re different/special?
ROHRER: A heated yoga practice provides many benefits, but what I specifically like about the way Supta is heated is that — in my opinion — the heat is not overbearing. I wanted to create a safe place for people to practice and for people to sweat, but I would never want someone to be more concerned with the temperature of the space over the alignment or feeling of the postures and transitional moments.

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N MAGAZINE: If you were to make a time capsule with five items that most represent Nantucket to you, what would they be?
ROHRER: A grey shingle. Rosa Rugosa petals. A bottle of sand. A photo of the foggiest of days. A recording of the ferry horn before departing the island.

N MAGAZINE: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
ROHRER: I am related to President Taft.

N MAGAZINE: If you weren’t a yoga instructor, what would you be doing?
ROHRER: Farming.

N MAGAZINE: If you could share a meal with any person dead or alive, who would it be and why?
ROHRER: Breakfast with Louis CK because who doesn’t love a dose of reality and a good laugh.

N MAGAZINE: Meg Rohrer cannot live without…
ROHRER: Water (hehe).

N MAGAZINE: What advice would you give to someone wanting to start practicing yoga for the first time?
ROHRER: Be patient. Breathe.

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