Winter on nantucket is one of the most beautiful times on the island. I love a good snowstorm on aCK, and last winter we sure got our fair share of seeing the little grey Lady covered in white. It’s easy to make plans to make no plans and spend days getting lost in netflix series or reading all those novels that have been stacked up on your Kindle. But these chilly months are also great times to get out and spend quality time in the community. Here, I’ll give you five spots to hang out at and get cozy, so when Jack Frost comes around, you’ll know where to spend your days (and nights) warming up!

place: Handlebar Cafe
perfect for: Hot chocolate and a sweet workspace
why you gotta get out of the house: Sick of doing all your work from your couch? In need of some stimulation in a cool space where you can have meetings and be inspired? Check out the Handlebar Cafe on 15 Washington Street. Listen to good tunes and sit in their comfy chairs as your computer gets killer wifi. Sip on a hot drink while being inspired by the others who are working from their computers, too. (and maybe do some vacation research!)

place: Centre Street Bistro
perfect for: a good meal and a girlie lunch date
why you gotta get out of the house: not only does Centre Street Bistro have a delicious lunch menu, but their six specials change daily and include homemade soups that you must savor. I’m a big fan of their Thursday lunches, with their infamous tomato soup. So grab a girlfriend and enjoy catching up in their sweet dining room. and if you really want to celebrate while you warm up, bring a bottle of pinot noir…they’re BYOB! (BONUS: they do fantastic take-out if you’re not in the mood to socialize.)

place: Cisco Brewers
perfect for: afternoon libations + live music
why you gotta get out of the house: Cisco Brewers is a hopping summer hotspot, but in the winter, it becomes an intimate place to enjoy some brews and some bourbon as you kick back and relax and listen to live music in the comforts of their brewery and distillery. I love a good hot drink, and last winter, the brewery made great spiced hot cider that warmed the soul and tasted like heaven!

place: Sushi By Yoshi
perfect for: Chicken udon bowl + hot tea
why you gotta get out of the house: Trying to eat healthy, but still want to dine out? Head on over to the newly reopened and renovated SUSHI BY YOSHI on East Chestnut Street. When I’m in the mood for a nice, light bite and some green tea, I relish the alone time to sit at their adorable four-seat bar and enjoy a delicious bowl of chicken udon bowl with a yummy broth and tons of veggies! and of course, if you’re just trying to enjoy some more down time at your house, they also do a great take out.

place: The Seconds Shop
perfect for: Shopping on a budget
why you gotta get out of the house: I love a good bargain, and in the off season I’m always looking for a reason to save a couple bucks, but still be able to shop local. That’s why I enjoy shopping at the new location of the Seconds Shop next to the new Cumberland Farms on Sparks avenue. You can find a plethora of gorgeous clothing and accessories (many still with the tags on it) for a super discounted rate. Spent a snow day cleaning out your closet? Drop off your used clothes and home goods at the Seconds Shop. all proceeds benefit the Family & Children’s Services of nantucket, so you’re really doing good while you spend!

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