Nantucket by Design luminary, Anthony Baratta, shares his secrets for creating an iconic island interior.

Anthony Baratta is widely regarded as the “King of East Coast Chic,” a title the interior designer has earned through thirty-eight years of daring use of color, scale and distinctive American style. His iconic designs have graced over seventy magazine covers and the halls of museums, governor’s mansions and homes right here on Nantucket. Beyond the spaces themselves, Baratta has also designed fabrics, furniture, rugs and, most recently, his first fashion collection that was inspired by the island. Beginning July 31st, Baratta will be on-island as a luminary at the Nantucket Historical Association’s four-day Nantucket by Design event. He joins fellow designers Cathy Kincaid and Stewart Manger as well as the editor-in-chief of Veranda magazine, Steele Marcoux, for the distinguished Design Panel. As a preview to his visit, the King of East Coast Chic opened his playbook and shared some design notes with N Magazine on how he created an iconic interior on the island.

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