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When the fog comes rolling in and the beach doesn’t fit the bill, turn to our Pro Tips guide to make the most out of your cloudy Nantucket day.

A quintessential day on Nantucket starts with a trip to the beach and is followed by shopping downtown and dinner at a local hot spot. While this is an idyllic day, some of us might not feel like trudging through the sand to find the perfect place to tan, or we might have gotten burnt the day before and need to take it easy, or it might just be a classic Grey Lady day. In that case, there are plenty of other activities that are just as relaxing as a beach towel on Nobadeer. These day trips will get you moving around the island and will take you to see token Nantucket treasures along the way!

If you’re looking to take it easy, we’d suggest a leisurely walk or bike ride on any of the various trails on island. The Goose Pond Path has beautiful views of The Creeks and is one of the shortest trails on island. It’s also less than a mile from town, which makes for easy shopping after all your hard work! A little further out of town, the Cliff Road Path is short and sweet, and should you choose to continue, can take you out to the Madaket Road Path. It even connects all the way to Millie’s if you choose to bike! The best part is, you can stop whenever you’d like. When you decide to call it quits and need a little reward after rambling, stop by Hinkley Lane off the Cliff Road Path on your way back and head down to Steps Beach for the sunset.

For something a bit more hardcore, turn off the Cliff Road Path to Tupancy Links and enjoy a scenic hike. Still feeling energetic post-hike? Grab your bike and hit the Polpis Road Path to get to Altar Rock, the highest point on island. At just around 100 feet above sea level, the views of the moors and the Serengeti will be well worth the sweat.

From there, you can bike from Altar Rock Road to Pout Pond Road to see the famous Pout Ponds. Wampanoag legend has it that the ponds earned their name from a whale named Pootop who would swim under the island and emerge in the ponds to blow air. If you aren’t coming from Altar Rock and just want to see the ponds for the day, you can still take the Polpis Road Path or you can opt for the Milestone Road Path instead.

To prep for your day of adventure, you’ll need a handy bag for helpful trinkets too. Head to Haul Over and choose from a variety of backpacks (depending on the type of day you plan to have). For those of us who want to feel like Bear Grylls in the great Nantucket wilderness, perhaps a Camelback would be a good fit. For a lighter walk or hike, there are stylish Fjallraven Kanken and Raven backpacks.

While you’re there, grab a Cliff Bar and a reusable Camelback water bottle or a Yeti Rambler to stay energized and hydrated. You can also grab a Patagonia hat to protect your skin from UV Rays. Additional SPF may be necessary, and in that case, walk across the street to South Wharf and pick up Beauty Counter’s Countersun Mineral Mist Sunscreen and lotion in travel size. They are both SPF 30 and you can try their new tinted mist to add an extra glow!

If the Grey Lady is a little chilly or rainy, you’ll definitely want an extra layer for your pack. Vineyard Vines has their new Nor’Easter Jacket to help you stay dry, and if you want a thinner jacket, try a Nantucket Reds Collection Sweatshirt at Murray’s or their Vineyard Vines Nantucket Coordinates Shep Shirt in Coral Sand to keep things bright on a cloudy day.

Finally, you’ll need a blanket to enjoy your view after a long hike, or to watch the sunset on Steps and maybe star gaze for a little. Any one of Faherty’s Adirondack Blankets is perfect for this. Roll out the South Seas Serape or Dusted Dune prints, lay back, and take in beautiful Nantucket after a day of accomplishing adventures!

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