New Jersey Men Arrested In Another Tom Nevers Break-In

Another attempted break-in was reported in Tom Nevers on Monday. Police were called to a home on Chuck Hollow Road just after 2 a.m. for a reported disturbance and arrested two “highly intoxicated males” from New Jersey.

The responding officer “determined these two males were the cause of the disturbance and were also the two involved in attempting to gain entry into the home,” Lt. Angus MacVicar told the Current. He added that the “arrested persons were not known to the homeowners.”

Police Chief Bill Pittman mentioned the incident in his remarks to the town’s Visitor Services Advisory Committee on Tuesday as he outlined some of the challenges his officers face in situations where an arrest is warranted.

“One officer stopped two people on a home invasion the other night,” Pittman said. “One of them got a little cut above his eye, probably from a fight he was in earlier in the night, but the family is now making a big deal about ‘the police officer injured my little Johnny’ after he was terrorizing a family in a house.”

The incident comes just a week after two break-ins and another attempted break-in were reported in Tom Nevers by a perpetrator who was described as “preppy” in one instance, and “naked” in another. That suspect remains at large, and police do not believe Monday’s incident on Chuck Hollow Road is related to the prior break-ins

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