NMF: Coq au Vin

"When I Get Low I Get High" Live 2013

As delicious as the dish it was named for, Coq Au Vin, sometimes referred to affectionately as the Gypsy Band, is in demand at nearly every cocktail party, fundraiser, and bar on Nantucket. What started humbly as a band conceived by musician friends hanging out over a long Nantucket winter, and practicing their chops for their close friends’ wedding, turned into a carousel of 150 gigs in their first 250 days of being together. The band delivers a magical blend of folk and traditional songs from Eastern and Western Europe and Latin America, with some American blues and Americana thrown in. Each song is like a passport to a different country and a different era. To say Ingrid Feeney, the lead singer, sings is a gross understatement; she dances, she changes facial expressions with every rise and fall within her incredible range, she smiles and she flirts. The bandmates, in any arrangement they appear in- trio to nine-piece band- are sure crowd pleasers, with Ingrid Feeney, Peter Arsenault, Andy Harris, Caleb Cressman, Lucy Van Arsdale, Ethan Philbrick, Tom Stoddart, Bob Walder, and Joanna Hay.

Photo: nantucketmusicfestival.com

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