She’s Got Her Mojo Workin’

Moon Mojo is Nantucket’s newest small batch herbal company that has a focus on locally and sustainably sourced teas. “I believe in the body’s innate capacity to heal itself,” says owner Sarah Todd who is trying to bring her community on a wellness journey with a simple daily ritual change. “It’s easy to become overwhelmed with changing diets or adding exercise routines, but everyone can make a cup of tea,” she says. Her experience in high stress environments, long hours in kitchens, and passion for ingredients all led her to build a company on Nantucket.

Sarah knew she was in love with food back in college when she had no problem waking up at 3:30am for her shift at the local bakery in her neighborhood in Manhattan. Later in the morning she’d head to class where she was studying classical music. She would grace the stage with her talents on the french horn, get some sleep, and do it all again early the next morning. “I knew I always wanted to be working with my hands,” says Sarah. Whether she was performing on stage in a concert hall or on stage in a kitchen she was delighting her guests.

Sarah continued to pursue her passion for cooking and eventually decided that she’d rather perform full time in the kitchen then bounce from stage to stage. She chose the pressure of kitchen life over the pressure of concert life.  She worked her way up through kitchens in Cincinnati and Nashville, then eventually earned herself the head chef spot at Via Mare in its inaugural season, here on Nantucket.

Throughout the journey up through the ranks of the kitchen, Sarah realized that if she was going to be working these excruciating hours in kitchens she had to take care of her body. So, with any free moment she had, she started making her own herbal medicines and teas. While constantly surrounded by beautiful ingredients she continued to teach herself the effects certain foods have on our bodies. She wanted to show her community that what we put inside of our bodies should help them instead of hurting them. And in late 2020, she started Moon Mojo with the goal to share her experience in wellness with her community.

Sarah’s teas and other small batch herbally focused goods can be found on her website and all summer on Saturdays at the Sustainable Nantucket Farmers & Artisans Market. Keep up with Moon Mojo on Instagram for some upcoming surprises and new sales locations!

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