The Fallout From The Gazebo Going 25-Plus

In the aftermath of The Gazebo’s decision to prohibit anyone under 25 from entering the popular bar on Straight Wharf, the establishment has received widespread praise, a few criticisms, and lots of questions. Many wanted to know – is that even legal?

Amy Baxter, the town’s licensing administrator, said yesterday that she “checked in with an attorney and they are allowed to do this with no issues with their license.”

The Nantucket Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention offered a full-throated endorsement of the move, stating: “Bravo! Underage drinking is a public health crisis on Nantucket. Our community needs strong action. Thank you to the Gazebo for taking a stand against over-indulgence and risky behavior.”

Speaking at yesterday’s Nantucket Town Association forum, Town Manager Libby Gibson also praised the Gazebo’s decision, calling it “a great step to deal with this type of behavior.”

While Gazebo general manager Luke Tedeschi said he had been inundated this summer by underage people trying to drink at his establishment and a plethora of fake IDs that can evade detection, Nantucket Police Lieutenant Angus MacVicar said “we have not responded or dealt with an unusual amount of calls related to minors attempting to enter licensed establishments with fake IDs.”

Since May 1, MacVicar said, no one had been charged for using a fake ID on Nantucket, and just two people had been busted for underage possession.

Several other island bars either had no comment, or said they did not intend to make any similar changes. Cisco Brewers’ Ricki Millington added: “We’ve definitely been having issues on the doors with fakes etc but nothing we aren’t used to. Luckily we have someone awesome who rocks the door and keeps our license safe! There’s also a great app that Abby from Gaslight shared with us that’s helped curb issues. We’ll continue to be 21-plus.”

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