Exactly two years ago, N Magazine told readers about the JetLev, a $100,000 water-propelled jetpack that was soaring around Nantucket Harbor. Onlookers marveled as this futuristic contraption brought the rocketeer into reality, while the JetLev’s exorbitant price tag kept the idea of owning one very much grounded. Now, two local brothers have brought the next generation of extreme watersport technology to the island, and they can get you up and flying in an afternoon for little more than a hundred bucks.

Captain Max Perkins and his brother Alex launched ACK Water Sports this past July on the wings of a Flyboard. Invented in 2011 by Franky Zapata, the Flyboard operates with hydro-propulsion similar to a JetLev. “It’s powered by an accompanying Jet Ski,” Captain Perkins explains. “A special bracket fits over the lower unit of the Jet Ski, which connects to what is essentially a fire hose. The hose then connects to the jets on the Flyboard.” Controlled by a trained instructor sitting on the Jet Ski, the Flyboard propels water to send the rider shooting high into the sky. “You pretty much feel like su- perman,” Captain Perkins says.

The Flyboard’s unique surfboard design allows riders to execute maneuvers never possible on the JetLev. “I was shocked at how well the board stayed under my feet,” says Peter Creech, ACK Water Sports’ first customer. “Moving in a straight line by getting air- borne and then diving forward repeatedly is something I feel like 90 percent of riders should be able to accomplish in their first ses- sion.” All you need to get airborne is a bathing suit and a sense of adventure—the Perkins brothers will take care of the rest. “If you have ever wanted to experience the sensation of flight,” Alex Perkins says, “now is your chance.” For more information visit www.

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