Victim In Jeep Accident On Great Point Speaks Out

Dear Editor:I am that woman.  It happened on September 23.I spent an hour in/on the sand, waiting to be transferred to Nantucket Cottage Hospital.  The EMTs who were on the scene were amazing!  They, and an amazing ranger, carefully and safely transferred me to the ambulance that was waiting for me at the Wauwinet Inn parking lot.  The transfer from the beach was accomplished by placing me on a body board, and transporting me on a ranger’s pickup truck across the sand and dunes. I asked the EMTs to write their names on a card so I could formally thank them and recognize their amazing efforts on my behalf.  They said they would not do that.  Instead, they asked me to do this:  “ask the ‘powers that be’ to approve the purchase of an ambulance that can drive over the sand”. Luckily my injuries were not life threatening.  But … what if they were?I am “on the mend” after many weeks in hospital and rehab facilities.  I am eternally grateful to those wonderful EMTs who responded that day.  I hope they know I’ll always remember their great care and humor!I don’t know whose  budget needs to be tweaked; but, I hope an over-sand ambulance is approved. I agree that Nantucket needs one!

Susan Guthrie Ceresa

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