Written By: Meg Rohrer | Photography By: Darren Ornitz

Local yogi Meg Rohrer shares her tips for leading a well-balanced life.

As the director of Supta Yoga Nantucket, Meg Rohrer is familiar with guiding her students through various positions designed to achieve peace and calm during their yoga practices. However, Meg believes that the principles she teaches in class are designed to transfer to life off the yoga mat. Here are some of Meg Rohrer’s top tips for leading a centered, well-balanced life.

1. Find beauty in the mundane.

2. Surround yourself with the people who bring you joy.

3. Stay curious and maintain a childlike sense of wonderment.

4. Get to know who you are when no one is around.

5. Find the edges of where you can go both physically and mentally— and then challenge them.

6. Be real with yourself. Adjust to what is and be grateful.

7. Do not try to improve or regulate anybody other than yourself.

8. Have a plan but know when to kick it to the curb.

9. Work toward something.

10. Make your space a sanctuary and honor it.

Supta Yoga Nantucket is a community-oriented yoga studio that works to cultivate a dynamic twist on yoga while honoring the deep-rooted techniques and traditions. Supta offers an accessible yoga practice that is meant to inspire. Director Meg Rohrer and her fellow practitioners teach yoga as a preventative healing modality that promotes self-care and active engagement within a healthy lifestyle. For more information, visit suptayoganantucket.com.

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